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Approach to Quality

Products boasting unrivaled quality

Quality Policy

“We provide customers with the ultimate in quality and
reliability through our tireless efforts to outdo ourselves in quality.”

Quality Principles

Automatic measurement device. Quality created during all processes through advanced processing technologies.

The quality of our products is underpinned by our company’s dies, which boast outstanding precision. Our advanced technologies, the result of years of accumulated know-how and the expertise of our superlative technicians, are what give SUZUKI products even greater reliability.
In addition, each and every employee on the ground possesses a thorough awareness of our emphasis on quality, taking an active stance in putting quality into practice at all stages of their work with the motto, “Quality is created during all processes.” Each group engages in activities to make improvements by proposing a theme for quality improvements, and then reporting on and discussing the progress of their activities at monthly quality investigation meetings.
This quality is backed up and further enhanced by total inspection devices along with automatized inspection processes via computer. By performing precise inspections that far exceed the capabilities of the human eye alone, we have established a robust zero-defect system.

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